Our Story

It all started several years ago with a loud BOOM when, our Co-Founder and CEO met with a horrifying car accident. Luckily, she got away with only minor injuries but her favorite car got destroyed.

Shaken from the experience she went ahead and did the right thing and, purchased the next vehicle with all the latest and greatest safety technology available at that time. As you can obviously imagine this accident caused her insurance rates to skyrocket (that’s a whole different story for another time). After several conversations with a lot of people at her insurer at time (not anymore) it turned out that Insurance Industry have no way to quantify or leverage safety technology in the vehicle as part of their risk assessment.

This painful experience gave birth to a wonderful idea that can not only save money for consumers but also financially incentivizes them to buy safer vehicles. In US there are over 38,000 people die from auto accidents every year and over 4 million people sustain serious injuries. We have all the technology in the world to make these vehicles safer however, the adoption is slow.

MotorDNA is not only a business it’s a mission to encourage the entire Auto Eco-System to accelerate the adoption of safety technology and save lives!!!

Our Purpose/Vision

The MotorDNA platform was born to deliver on a simple idea.
Leverage data and technology to improve safety in the mobility ecosystem.

It’s a very simple idea.
We exist to find ways to save lives and reduce road accidents using data and technology.

Our values

We are an organization who is driven by its purpose and guided by its values. We cherish all the good things humanity has to offer but if we have to pick few things which all of us at MotorDNA can relate to in our daily life, these are –

  • Customer comes first. We strive to amaze our customers. Everyone in our team is empowered to help and support our customers, beyond their job responsibilities.
  • Respect everyone. Irrespective of their background, we respect diverse ideas and thoughts. Honestly speaking, we are suckers for diverse thoughts, especially the ‘out of the box’ kind.
  • Get better every day. We strive to improve ourselves every day. We strongly believe the sky is the limit, when it comes to improvements, and little incremental improvements make the world a better place for everyone.


Everyone in our team is a Leader! We can create a long web page with impressive
bios and beautiful faces, which you will get annoyed scrolling. So, let’s just save everyone
all the trouble, and please know that anyone you will be interacting with at MotorDNA,
has all the authority needed to make you feel valued.

We’d love to hear from you.