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The most comprehensive
and analytics-ready vehicle
build data set powers
the MotorDNA platform.

MotorDNA’s platform, comprehensive data, and powerful technology enables actionable insights as per your business needs. Our advanced analytics capabilities and industry expertise will help you unlock the hidden potential of vehicle build specifications.

We are witnessing a historic technological transformation in the automobile industry. Every advancement in technology is making these vehicles safer for passengers as well as for the environment. These dynamics create an unprecedented opportunity for various industries like Auto Insurance, Lending, Fleet Management, Ride Sharing, and other industries that rely on automobiles and their capabilities. Every safety feature installed on each vehicle should be used as an important factor in workflow processing and risk assessment. However, the challenge is that the information at the VIN level is not readily and reliably available today in a cost-effective way.

MotorDNA’s platform team is passionately working to solve this problem and providing the relevant information to revolutionize the current business processes. We are managing the build specifications of every vehicle (VIN) sold in the US and creating the industry’s first ‘Vehicle IQ™ Score’ for every VIN of all makes and models.

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